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Event : Snowboarding Success!

Young people from around Lancashire hit the slopes at Ski Rossendale for a 2 week short course in Snowboarding during January. The aim of the course was to provide an opportunity for young  people to experience snowboarding for the first time and discover who was “Goofy” or “Regular” and learn the different skills needed for snowboarding e.g.  ‘side slipping’, ‘heel & toe edge’ and ‘falling leaf’ as well as taking a few falls for good measure.

It also served a puropse of bringing young people together from different areas and getting them to interact with one and other. The course was a great success as all members really progressed over the two weeks, really impressing the instructors and the other instructors watching from afar. Needless to say the feedback from the group was that they had really enjoyed their course and wanted to come back for more!!!




Savannah (Tommy’s Fleetwood)

“Love to go again”


Lizzy (Tommys Fleetwood)

“I wish we could do it for a few more weeks”


Jess (Blackburn YMCA)

“I thought I wouldn’t like it but I really enjoyed it. Can we have longer sessions next time?”

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