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Event : Wet Weekend for Watersports Festival

After a number of planning meetings with staff from Tommy’s and Bolton L&G the first ever Lancashire Boys & Girls Clubs Watersports Festival finally arrived and the warm weather was out to greet us at the Anderton Centre. As the clubs registered the atmosphere was upbeat for a cracking weekend of Watersports including sailing, windsurfing, kayaking, canoeing and raft building and as the tents went up one by one for some of the leaders it provided comedy gold.

Saturday morning however greeted us with high winds and rain which unfortunately dampened the spirits (no pun intended!) especially as the sail sports had to be cancelled. Groups did however get to go canoeing and participate in the planned land activities, crate stack, abseil and low ropes which were really enjoyed by everyone.

Sunday saw no let-up in the weather and we were surprised to see all the tents still standing when we poked our heads out of our porches in the morning as it felt like a hurricane had passed through the camp site overnight.  Thankfully though the weather didn't stop the mass raft racing that was planned where all teams had to construct their own raft and race it out to the pontoon and back. As expected at times it seemed that teams were more concerned about splashing the other teams than the actual racing but everyone left the water with smiles and soaking wet. Mission Accomplished!!!

Thanks to Carly and Henry from Bolton L&G and also Laura from Tommy’s who helped with the planning and running of the event.

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