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Event : Having Fun on 'Have A Go'

October half term saw Lancashire Boys & Girls Clubs and Ormside Mill deliver their first Have a Go…. Adventure Series. It saw young people from affiliated clubs across Lancashire come together and ‘Have a Go’ at Mountain Biking, Caving, Sailing & Windsurfing.

The mountain biking was held at Gisburn Forest, the venue used by LABGC for it’s Trailblazers project. The day saw a break in the weather and young people come from Lancaster B&G, Clitheroe Youth, Marsh CC & Tommy’s. The group hit the trails and endured stinging climbs, sweet single track and grin inducing downhills. A real bonus for the group was to also experience wild deer come within 10m of them whilst having their dinner. There was something for everyone in the trails which by the end of the ride some of the group were wanting to repeat again and again. Everyone returned with big smiles and if not a slight muddy wanting to go again.

The second in the series was Sailing & Windsurfing at the Anderton Centre, Chorley. This was a follow on from the Watersports Festival with two new activities. The morning session saw the group take to the water in Wayfarers and experience the thrill of sailing whilst learning ‘the ropes’, then it was time for each group member in the boat to take the helm and negotiate the reservoir and a number of turns. After dinner the group were given the choice of rafted canoeing or windsurfing, the split was 50/50. After instructions the windsurfers hit the ‘waves’ quite literally as it proved a lot more difficult then it looked. But after a little perseverance people started to get up on their boards and get moving before heading straight back into the water. As all ‘water days’ the day finished off with big smiles and jumping in the water.

Last in the adventure series was Caving, and despite the rain Matt (Ormside Mill) knew of caves that would not be flooded. It was a great introduction for the group to Caving with lots of challenging ‘squeezes’, ‘presses’ and a rock slide to boot. It was brilliant to explore underground and learn about rock formations and the ‘fossilised turtle & chickens brain’ and experience true ‘pitch’ black. The last two caves saw the group work together to negotiate the caves on their own and reach daylight as one.

A big thanks to everyone involved in running and helping on the adventure series to make them a big success.

Click here to take a look at all the fantastic pictures.

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