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Event : Great Lancashire Bake Off

Lancashire is well known for its traditional Eccles & Chorley Cakes, so on the back of the recent Club Dine With Me competition, Lancashire Boys & Girls staged their very own Bake Off with the support of Preston College who provided the kitchens.

As we celebrated our 80th anniversary this year it seemed only appropriate that the theme be an 80th birthday cake. We had teams from Clitheroe Youth, Tommy’s, Stanley’s and Blackburn YMCA come armed with their whisks and spatulas to battle it out to bake, decorate and present their cake all within 90 minutes and a £10 budget.

As soon as the Bake Off started teams set off beating their eggs, flour, butter & sugar as everyone had opted to produce a sponge cake as their base. Once in the oven there was no time to rest as attentions turned to their decoration, with each team designing something unique.

In the blink of an eye, 90 minutes was up and time was called and all cakes were presented for judging with some outstanding results. Members of the Lancashire Boys & Girls Clubs Executive Committee put their lives on the line when tasting but any fears were unfounded as all cakes scored excellent marks for their taste. In the end it was a difficult decision for the judges but first place was awarded to Tommy’s and second to Blackburn YMCA who continued their good results in LABGC cooking events.

A big thank you goes to Preston College who supported the event by hosting the evening and providing support on the night.

Take a look at some photos of the evening here.

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