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We would like to introduce to you the next installment of the club based Dine, Design & Enterprise series…..


Lancashire Boys & Girls Clubs are looking for the next generation of Karren Brady & Mark Zuckerberg's & as we invite clubs to take part and develop their own new business enterprise scheme using a £20 start-up donation from LABGC to generate as much profit as possible for funding their own club between the dates of 17th April – 16th June 2017.

The rules:

·         A team involving between 3 - 10 young people between the ages 8 -19 years can be in your team, one team per club.

·         Your scheme has to be a brand new one and not something you already have in place in the club.

·         You have a 9 week period between the 17th April – 16th June 2017 to research, plan, design, promote and implement your scheme.

·         The money generated can be re-invested into your scheme as many times as you want, to maximise profits within the time period.

·         We would like to see clubs utilising the local community in the scheme.

·         Whilst profit is an important part of the scheme it is only one of the judging criteria:

Profit (Overall Total minus £20 LABGC start-up donation)



Community Involvement

·         All clubs will need to deliver a small presentation about their scheme  to a set of judges on a pre-arranged date in between 19th – 30th June 2017

·         All money generated is to be kept by the club and used for club funds. 

Flyer, Information Letter and Registration Form can be found here

To To register complete the registration form and return to Andy on : 

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